When Apple’s New Phone Will Come Out, And How Worth In Your Budget?

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The iPhone 14 Will Come But Nobody Knows Exactly When.

It is rumored that Apple’s next phone brings several changes: the end of the “mini” size and the same dimensions in professional and non -professional models, there are no notches at the top of the screen. In the form of a camera -shaped pill, and a new chip will only reach the upper class version. This can also be the last device that uses lightning cables, the latest rumors suggest. But what is not clear is that it will arrive. Usually, Apple’s cell phone arrives as a clock: every September, a new model is announced and begins to sell approximately one and a half weeks later.

But the last years have interrupted the routine. And there are suggestions that it will be the same this year. Over the years, Apple’s launching schedule for iPhone is very regular, so it can be easily predicted. The second week of September will be announced, and then a half weeks will be launched later, Friday. This is a pattern that begins with the iPhone 5 and has not changed for years: In eight years and launch between iPhone 11 and 2019 in 2012, all ads fell within five days with each other.

However, in recent years, he has begun to change; In 2020, the phone was not announced until October. Then, in 2021 they returned to the schedule, with the launch date of September 14. This is all you need to know about the possible release date of the iPhone 14, and you must wait before buying a new phone.

This benefits Apple because the iPhone is a very large product in alignments and in the world. Regular schedule means that the world is ready to go down, that people can be encouraged to increase and that investors know when the money is likely to enter. This routine is different from most of Apple’s products, although Apple Watch usually arrives at the same time, the other product is updated more unexpected. But there are no other Apple products that are so large or that require such international operations.

Therefore, there are many reasons to think that Apple will follow the same pattern: the iPhone 14 was announced in the second week of September and then sold immediately after that. But maybe not. Why is it possible to be different this year? Rumors have shown that Apple is considering the possibility of delay. Amid more locks in China and other production problems, it is said that the company struggles to produce a large number of cell phones on time.

However, what is worth pointing out is that for now the timeline may not be known exactly in Apple. Although maybe when waiting for the phone outside, the last two years have shown that there is nothing that can be predicted with total certainty, and even the most reliable rumors may be wrong. This is not the first time that Apple postpone launches the phone. Both in 2017 and 2018, he delayed the specific version of the cell phone (iPhone X and XR, each) in the middle of the production problem, as reported.

He even did to respond to Pandemi before. In 2020, Apple delayed not only the iPhone 12, but also its announcement, which was held in October, not in September. According to the reports, the postponement in 2020 was much earlier, and even Telegraph for Apple, who said in an income call that the phone would leave “a few weeks later” of the usual.

If there is a change this year, you could have the same pattern of rumors and then official announcement. Although Apple is almost not good to maintain its secret, and almost never comments on future leaks or products, the iPhone launching schedule is a very important international event that could be broadcast with words.

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