The History Of Discovery Of The Slot Machine

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Have you ever thought who could be the father of a beautiful machine that obtained most of the casino’s income today? The owner of a casino, a researcher, a young man who is interested in the game? None. He is a car mechanic that changes the face of the entertainment of the game. Charles Fey of San Francisco came with the first slot engine in 1887.

Even the ‘tragamoneas’ of the twentieth century was used not only to overcome game devices but also automatic vendors. These machines are called unusual named as an armed bandit and a fruit machine. Before your imagination begins to walk wildly with the names, let me tell you that it is because before Fey’s discovery, there are several poker machines that allow users to win free drinks or cigarettes when hitting the winning combination. This is also known as a trade simulator because they pay the winners in merchandise.

FEY revolutionary machine because it is designed to pay coins. The game revolution: Bell Machine consists of three rolls and each one has about 10 printed symbols that begin in diamonds, shovels, hearts, bells, horse shoes, etc. And with its Liberty Bell engine, the slot engine mania began in April 1887.

This is just the beginning; In the period of five years, Fey arrived with Liberty’s descent and called it “4-11-44”, which allowed someone to earn 5 dollars as a combination of maximum victory. After this machine became a great success, it increased from a small trade to factory production. He also introduced Card Bell in consecutive years and improved him more and more in 1899. He added a star symbol and made a 20 -money winning prize with three combinations of bells in this new avatar.

In 1910, the slot machine had gained popularity in many places. The company appointed Mills’s novelty made several changes in Liberty Bell’s design and appointed him as Bell operator. This new avatar has a tight neck to insert coins and also has a missing fruit symbol in the previous one. Immediately, the company felt success and began producing its variants and during World War I had covered Europe with its factories to produce up to 30,000 machines.

Immediately, the molten iron slot machine is outdated and Mills came with a slot machine with a wooden cabinet in early 1930. Over time, the company made many changes in the engine and marked another revolution in the game industry . The last wave is a double jackpot machine that allows users to win twice in a row in trends. Because these machines are much calmer than the previous generation, they later met as silent bells. This is not only this quieter but much more jazzer. The new thematic cabinet design: War Eagle, Roman Head, Lion Head and Castle Front were introduced in 1933. The slot motor fever grew in people in 1960.

Bally, a Pinball Machine manufacturer that is known that it began to produce slots – Money Honey Machines in 1964. Electricity, the latest sound effects, multi created, with hopper – beginners, of course, will go in the game industry. And over time, innovation in Bally reached a new height. They added more playing machines that have a larger hopper, additional rolls and finally introduce a slot machine that has a hopper large enough to maintain a dollar currency. This gives users the opportunity to achieve a major award.

When the game in Atlantic City was approved in 1978, Bally dominated around 90% of the game machine. And this is not that. Bally knows how to take money from the booming game industry. The company continues to add a scroll that, of course, reduces the chances of winning, but added to the amount of boats. Increase the number of symbols in a roll of 10 to 25, now raising bets and games you can play at a price of $ 5, $ 25 and $ 100.

And immediately the company hires a computer programmer that guarantees that the size of the major prize is increasing without providing company benefits. When using a computer program, this engineer called Inge Téus provides changes in the slot machine. He used a random numbers generator cycling in imaginary scrolls. This roll has the ability to radically change the number of victories. Due to this generator, the slot machine is delivered to the new times and produces many opportunities for the owners and players of casinos.

Since then there has been no way to return. Slotting machines have become an indispensable part of the game industry. Of course, they arrived a long time ago when they were presented for the first time by Charles Fey. He can not only go and enjoy one of the favorite casino hobbies, but he can also enjoy this game sitting at home with online casino options. Years of research and development have provided a tense game experience.

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