Samsung Galaxy S22 VS Apple iPhone 13: What Flagship Intelligent Phone Should I Buy?

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Apple showed and delivered its iPhone 13 series last September, with the alignment that includes the iPhone 13 climbing, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In this exam, we will concentrate on the standard model in each group of telephones: the S22 and the iPhone 13, placing them without restrictions in the view of the configuration, the highlights, the cost, the duration of the battery, the similarity, the Colors, the capacity, the size of the screen and that is just the beginning. The arrival of the samsung android S22 occurs only weeks after the sending of the Galaxy S21 Fe, a cheaper option for last year’s leader.

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The Samsung S22 has a 6.1 -inch AMOLED show with a 120Hz versatile relief rate. It also offers a 240 Hz touch exam rate in game mode and blue light control AI. The showcase changes with its environmental elements, decreasing or illuminating lighting depending on the situation. The S22 is practically the same in appearance to the S21, with the triple camera module in the upper left of the back and the tight corners. The S22 series has “protection aluminum” for resistance, in addition to a front and rear glass. It has IP68 water obstruction. The iPhone 13 also seems to be like its ancestor. It has an important score, and the camera module is square, hosting a double -point configuration.

The iPhone 13 has a ceramic shield front and works with “Aviation Degree” and IP68 opposition. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is executed within Android’s framework with a skin known as One UI 4, which according to the organization offers more personalization than at any other time in recent memory, for example, the topics of the variety bed for the variety for the menus that coincide with its backdrop. Addition to additional emoticons. Like all Apple phones, the sudden iPhone 13 in iOS demand. You can access the Samsung Galaxy S22 from £ 769 for the 128 GB model. The most capacity phone (256 GB) begins from £ 819 in the United Kingdom. Both have 8 GB of RAM.

The iPhone 13 can be accessed from £ 779 for the 128 GB model. The 256 GB model will cost £ 879, while the best 512 GB storage option is estimated at £ 1079 in the United Kingdom. The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a triple camera configuration: a super width focal point of 12MP, a 50mp width focal point and a 10MP zoom focal point. The “Selfie” front is a 10MP focal point. The Apple iPhone 13 has a 12MP double camera frame, which includes a wide focal point and a super broad focal point. The “Selfie” chamber of Adelante on the iPhone 13 is a focal point of 12 MP. For the video, the iPhone 13 shoots 4K substance at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps. Samsung Galaxy S22 5G and Bluetooth 5.2. Use USB-C and also has a remote energization of 15W.

The 25W wall connector is sold independently. The iPhone 13 has a 5G and Bluetooth 5.0 network. Use Apple’s light port and has a remote energization of 7.5 W. The 20W connector is sold independently. Pursue our newsletter to obtain the most recent audits, experiences and offers, covering everything from televisions to new game technologies. Upon entering your subtleties, you consent to our agreements and protection strategy. It can be withdrawn whenever. S22 System Aspects: 146 mm (h) x 70.6 mm (w) x 7.6 mm (d). Weighs 169 grams. The screen size is 6.1 inches when Askew is estimated, as Samsung indicates.

Apple iPhone 13: 146.7 mm (H), 71.5 mm (W), 7.65 mm (d). The standard phone weighs 173 grams. The screen size is also an estimated Askew of 6.1 inches. The standard Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 3,700 mAh battery. The Apple iPhone 13 is marginally more modest, rather hosting a 3,227 mAh battery, as indicated by macrumores. The two phones admit Qi’s remote load, however, only the iPhone 12 and 13 have MAGSAFE, which is a progression of magnet -based boxes, cargo equipment and ornaments. The Galaxy S22 comes in four tones: ghost white, ghost black, green and pink gold. The iPhone 13 comes in five tones: white, dark, blue, pink and red.

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