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The Extraordinary Things You Don’t Know Your iPhone Can Do

The iPhone is not just a brick with software. This is a mysterious box that is full of many characteristics that could change your life. Even after a year and a half using Apple devices, I still find new features every day. They really changed my opinion on my iPhone. I think I brought a superpower all the time, as well as a Crazy Marvel hero who experienced with Spidey’s new power. Here are all the extraordinary characteristics that I found lately. You may not know this.

  • Send photos with Siri
    Navigate to any photo in your default photographic application and say: “Hi Siri! Send this photo to Jane!” Or someone else. And the photo is immediately ready to use. If you want to add information to that, you can also do it. In this way, you can easily send photos to someone without clicking and looking for a fussy.
  • Keep the call
    In general, we don’t see the ‘resistant’ option on the iPhone when calling. It only appears when we make two calls simultaneously. Right? However, it is possible to keep a call: Apple has hidden it, just below the silence button. To keep the call, simply hold the Mute button for a few seconds, and your call is now ‘resistant’.
  • Drag and release the text and photos throughout the application
    This is the characteristic of iOS that is at least used all the time. When I explained this characteristic to my friends, his eyes opened. “Wow! I don’t know this!” They said.
    – In the message
    If you want to send the same message to others, touch and hold the message with your fingers. Hold tight -AT. Now use another finger to navigate another contact and release the text in the SMS room. Now the message is copied there.
    – Taken a photo
    In the same way, you can drag photos from the application of default photos and release them in messages, notes, files and many other third -party applications. In this way, you can send or save text and photos without having to copy or track for them.
    – In Safari
    You can also do the same in Safari. If you like images on the Internet and want to save or send them, you can drag and release photos through the application.
    – How to choose some photos?
    After dragging the image or text with your fingers, touch the image or other text to place them on your drag list.
  • Use search photos in the right way
    Most of us, Apple users lack the ‘search’ function in the default photographic application. Even when we use, we often limit use to search for people or time. But there are many other ways in which you can search for your photos:
    ~In the month or year
    ~By people (we have discussed both)
    ~By place (city, country or commercial names such as hospitals, museums, for example)
    ~According to the categories (beaches, sunset, for example)
    ~By events (concerts, sports, for example)
    ~For animals
    ~With information
    ~Try today.
  • Obtain complete OCR documents lifting the text
    iOS 15 has come out for a while, and it is possible that Apple has included the ‘scan of text’ function that opens the anterior camera and the text-PHYS. From there, he only likes to scan documents and obtain full text. Slide from the line you see in the previous screen capture, and then you can scan larger documents. If you want to copy the text to the image you see on the Internet, you don’t need to download it. Keep the text for a while and be ready to do it. (OCR: Optical Character Recognition).
  • Turn on or turn off an alarm
    Although I do not promote the habits of an alarm, this is for the people who do it. Some of us have the habit of killing the alarm and sleeping just to regret after being late. “Honey! It should have been delayed!” I heard you. That is why we turn on some alarms to save the day. The easiest way to do it: tell Siri: “Turn all my alarm.” Or if she wakes up early and wants to turn off the entire alarm of her, she can say: “Turn off all my alarm.”
  • Let Siri restore the application for you on your home screen
    If you do not have a special option to request your application on the home screen, it is incredible. Let Siri do it for you depending on the application you can use at that time or its location. For this, add some of the widgets ‘Siri Siri’ recommended on your home screen depending on how many applications you have. Don’t worry. They do not show the same application, on the contrary, everyone function as a unique widget that shows relevant applications.
  • Your iPhone is alert
    ~Try this:
    Your iPhone key (don’t show your face) and ask Siri: “What is my name?” Or “who is the iPhone is this”, or a similar question that reveals its identity. (Siri needs to activate on the lock screen)
    What happened? Siri responded to her name (and silently deactivated the identification of the face to unlock the following key).
    ~Why did she do it?
    Let’s say you’ve lost your iPhone at a party, and someone finds it, you don’t know it’s yours. They ask Siri (when blocked) to find out that the owner is you. Then, Siri immediately deactivated the identification of the face to prevent the face of the face and finally unlocked his iPhone. It’s amazing enough, right?
  • Sublists in Application Notes
    If you use the application application for your purchase list, this is a simple trick to manage tasks that are easier. I often see that my friends make many notes to buy in several stores. A note for food, a notebook note, etc. However, this is a good way to do it. Simply write everything (store and products) with the serial number in a tone and then slide to the right (as shown in the image) to make products as a sublist, carefully fixed.
  • Spotlight does more
    I use Spotlight as an assistant to go to almost everything. You can search files, photos, notes, my safari history. And you can go to Google Things: Hal, call friends or messages, download applications, get definitions, track flights and what is not! However, not many people know that it works as a calculator too. Not only can you make basic calculations, but you can also convert units, coins and more.

Did you know that you can adjust the brightness of your iPhone’s flashlight? This can significantly store its battery when it is in an emergency. Add a flashlight to your control center from the configuration. Now, press and hold the icon for a while until you see the brightness adjustment option. You can now choose any brightness level and save that level for the next time you use a flashlight too.

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