WSJ Report Says Apple Buying 4-Inch Displays For New iPhone

May 16, 2012

The idea of the iPhone 5 getting a larger than before display isn’t a new one, unlike our rumor earlier this week about a potential micro projector. Instead, it’s something that has been going around for years now, dating back to the iPhone 4′s release in 2010 when everyone thought the 4S would be known as the iPhone 5 and that it would have a 4-inch display. Well, today we’re hear to report that a 4-inch display is now more likely than ever.

That’s because the extremely credible Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new Apple iPhone will be getting an even 4-inch display. They’re basing this on the orders that Apple has been reportedly placing to their Asian suppliers. According to WSJ’s sources–quoted as being “people familiar with the matter”–Apple has placed a hefty order for 4-inch displays.

iPhone 5

Since we know that neither the Apple iPad nor the iPod Touch use or will use a 4-inch display, that makes it all the more obvious that the displays are intended for the new iPhone. However, what’s not obvious is if these 4-inch displays will in fact make it into the very next iPhone. That’s because if Apple is planning a June or even September release–as we’ve been reporting–they’re cutting it awfully close by just ordering these displays now, as opposed to a few months ago.

However, given Apple’s decision a couple months back to ramp up hiring at their iPhone Foxconn plants, it seems like they’re prepared for a very busy summer producing the iPhone 5. So perhaps ordering the displays now won’t delay them at all, especially if they have enough workers to more than meet the increased production demand.

According to WSJ, Apple is “facing intensified competition from Samsung,” and this makes them anxious to get a 4-inch iPhone 5 in the hands of consumers as soon as possible. WSJ says that Samsung actually beat Apple in terms of shipped iPhones in the first financial quarter of this year, so it makes sense that Apple wants to make a big splash by releasing a bigger new iPhone.

As WSJ is quick to mention, however, Apple has declined to comment on this news. So it’s still possible the “sources” are just yanking WSJ’s legs. But given what we’ve been hearing as of late, we’re inclined to believe in a 4-inch iPhone.

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william May 18, 2012 at 12:27 pm

Hi ive been reading past posts about the display and I was just wondering if there's any chance of a 4.3 inch display. Because I would not like that because it would look too much like android phones!!!!


Kelly May 19, 2012 at 8:09 pm

I agree. The android is too big by the time you put a case on it. You might as well have an Ipad. also why don't they have a hole for a hand strap?


tom May 18, 2012 at 1:12 pm

bring on the bigger screen it will be a good addition to Steve Job's last great Masterpiece this truly will be the phone to have if most of the rumors are true.


Curtis May 18, 2012 at 9:25 pm

4 inches would be great to test if results on sales go up( they more than Lilly will) though if somehow don't sell as much that could make the 5s back to 3.5 inch


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