What does it mean that the LG V30 has an f / 1.6 aperture on its rear camera


Yesterday LG put the rest to try to conquer the market of high ranges. He did it during the IFA Berlin, although the correct thing would be to say that he did it before its opening, because the fair opens the doors to the public today 1 of September. Climbing to a stage at the Messe Berlin, LG deployed and boasted of everything that their LG V30 is capable of. The first really international V mobile and one of the strongest candidates to be the mobile this year .

In the presentation there was time to talk about all the strengths of the device. From its huge P-OLED screen with hardly any frames, an evolution with technology change over the LG G6 months ago, and also the incorporation of Qualcomm’s latest high-end chip. But much of the protagonism was taken by his double camera and there was a fact that did not go unnoticed: the opening of his main lens.

The biggest opening achieved in the mobile

It was not trivial to give as much hype to seemingly as insignificant data as his main lens had an aperture f / 1.6, a number marks a record right now as the first mobile lens to achieve such a wide aperture . Those closest to it, the f / 1.7 that Samsung starts to mount in its midrange, the same that already uses OnePlus or HTC. E Even Vivo and Oppo.

The aperture of a lens in optics, so it applies the same as traditional cameras to mobile phones, reflects the aperture diameter of the lens itself with respect to the focal length and is also a number inversely proportional to that aperture, because it is written in a fraction. That means that a smaller one reflects a greater aperture. Greater opening, more light.