Source Says iPhone 5 Design Has Not Been Finalized Yet

May 12, 2012

We’ve been hearing a lot the past couple weeks that the iPhone 5 design is pretty certain: that will feature a Liquidmetal case, a new Touch Screen technology and a bigger display. While we still think these things could (and probably will) happen, it’s worth discussing some news that came out within the past 24 hours: that Apple reportedly HASN’T finalized the new iPhone design as of yet.

The news comes from often-reliable Apple news site iMore. As usual, they are citing anonymous sources (no word on who those are) who have told them that Apple has yet to finalize all of their plans for the new iPhone. What this means is that Apple may not be giving us a new iPhone with a bigger display, nor a 16:9 aspect ratio iPhone 5. Additionally, the rumor of Apple using Liquidmetal for the new iPhone may be just that, a rumor, and not the confirmed information that has been floating around for weeks.

iPhone 5

So what is Apple set on? Well, according to iMore’s sources, Apple will in fact be using a smaller dock connector in the new iPhone. That obviously isn’t a huge surprise, as we’ve been hearing that for months now and even reported on it some time back.

Reportedly, the iPhone 5 will keep the same physical (i.e. pressable) Home button, which is in contrast to the rumors that said Apple would be eliminating that in favor of a touch Home button. And the new iPhone display, if it increases at all, will be no bigger than 4 inches, says iMore. It will also come with 4G LTE.

As for another hot button topic–the iPhone 5 release date–Apple is still looking at releasing the new iPhone in October 2012. iMore and their sources feel that the next iPhone will be launched alongside a possible 7 inch iPad.

For what it’s worth, we’re not sure if we entirely trust or believe iMore’s sources. We still feel the iPhone 5 will have a big display and a metal back. So at this point, take what they’re saying with a grain of salt as it could very well change.

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Curtis May 13, 2012 at 1:22 pm

The iPhone needs to keep its dock connector( it takes the I out of iPhone, it might come with a special charger that allows it to charge faster. It might come with two, a mew special connector, and the classic 30 pin.


Michelle Canever May 16, 2012 at 7:00 am

Curtis, that's an excellent point! Apple may very well have two different connectors to sort of ease the transition from the old style to the new one.

Thanks for commenting!


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