iPhone iOS 5.1 Update Brings Easier Camera Access, Adds 4G?

March 10, 2012

It’s certainly been an interesting news week here at iPhone5latest.com, with name changes, features announced for the iPhone 5, and of course the new iPad launch. In the midst of all this, Apple released the iOS 5.1 update for the iPhone. And surprisingly, despite the fact that this was not expected by many to be a huge update, it actually is. You see, the iOS 5.1 update adds some new functionality to the iPhone 4 and 4S, which is what we’ll be discussing in today’s article.

iPhone iOS 5.1 Update Makes Camera Quicker to Access

When iOS 5 was announced in the summer of 2011, one of the features that Apple most bragged about was the easier access to the camera from the lock screen. And while many users indeed found the camera to be much easier to access, some still had complaints with how long it took to go from the double-tapping and then clicking the camera button on the lock screen to being able to snap pictures with the camera. As is typically the case, Apple listened to the complaints and came up with a solution for the problem.

After you’ve downloaded the iOS 5.1 update for your iPhone, you’ll find that camera access from the lockscreen is even easier and faster than before. Now all you’ll need to do is press the “Sleep/Wake” button on your iPhone and then simply drag the now permanent camera icon upward. The camera loads up and you’re good to go.

4G Icon Now Visible on iPhone

It’s almost certain that the iPhone 5 will be getting 4G LTE, but no one expected the famed 4G icon to appear on the iPhone 4S. However, that’s now the case for iPhone 4S owners who download iOS 5.1 and happen to be on the AT&T network.


Don’t get too excited yet, though: the iPhone 4S isn’t really on a 4G network. When the 4G network icon shows up on the 4S, it merely means that the iPhone 4S is on AT&T’s faster HSPA+ network–which AT&T bills as being 4G, even though it’s not. So while you’ll see faster than 3G speeds on the iPhone with HSPA+, it still won’t be as good as 4G LTE.

Is the Update a Battery Drainer?

Battery life has long been a concern with iPhone owners, and for good reason: we use our phones constantly, so having to charge the phone all the time can be a huge inconvenience. Some people were already complaining about the battery life on the iPhone 4S, so it’s a bit surprising to hear that some are claiming that the iOS 5.1 update has made their battery life worse. We don’t know if that’s truly the case at this point, but it is being reported on the Internet.

If the iOS 5.1 update is really reducing the battery life on the iPhone, we expect Apple to fix the problem….and fast.

What Do You Think?

What features would you like to see Apple add to future iOS iPhone updates? Leave us a comment below and make your opinion heard.

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Carrick March 12, 2012 at 12:28 am

Well I updated to the iOS5.1 and infact my battery life is much better. I have an iphone 4s and am very happy with the battery life! Yay Apple you fixed it for me!


I'dLikeMyIP5 March 12, 2012 at 3:09 am

It'd be nice if apple gives us a little hint to what it may look like! Shout out to apple.. Give us a hint!


Brandon March 12, 2012 at 5:32 am

U know apple iPhone 4 is really awesome I love my iPhone. But in the next iOS update I think u should put Facebook in there like u all did twitter Facebook would be nice. Also that update was great for battery life I just cannot wait for the iPhone 5 please keep us posted on pics and what not about the iPhone 5.


Johnny March 14, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Is there a reason why there isn't a timestamp for each text message on the iphone? Is it due to the fact that Apple wants things to be simple and clean, or is there another answer? It would be great to have a timestamp for each text by having the time on the side or by tapping the text and seeing the time


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