iPhone 5 Battery Life Can Be Extended By Fuel Cells

December 29, 2011

With the proposed retina display and a faster processor, iPhone 5 will have to deal with a lot of battery issues. Even the first beta of iOS 5 had some battery leak issues which were supposed to be cleaned up in the second beta. With the ever increasing demand for long-lasting battery life, it is time Apple thought out of the box and come up with an alternative to the lithium ion batteries. Some reports suggest that Apple has done just that and they are planning to use fuel cells instead of the li-on batteries.

A thicker iPhone 5 won’t workiPhone 5

Although a simple solution would have been to insert bigger lithium ion battery in the iPhone 5. But this meant that Apple will have to compromise with the design of the iPhone 5. If we are to look at the trend, all the iPhone’s that we have seen so far are thinner than their predecessors. If Apple goes with the current trend we can expect the iPhone 5 to be even thinner than the iPhone 4S. A thicker battery does not fit in Apple’s scheme to keep the iPhone 5 slender.

The processor technology has improved a lot and the new age processors eat minimal battery. The iPhone 5 might come with the A6 processor, which will be a quad core processor. A quad core processor does not necessarily mean more battery requirements but still it will require some real battery juice to keep it powered for long.

Fuel cell to power the iPhone 5

All the above stated problems can be solved if Apple were to adopt fuel cell technology. And according to IBTimes, Apple might be looking to implement fuel cell technology in their upcoming devices. A fuel cell can store massive amounts of battery life and is capable of powering your smart phone not just for days but even weeks. It is obvious that the gains over lithium ion batteries are huge and even if we don’t see fuel cell powered batteries in the iPhone 5, Apple will certainly be looking forward to make fuel cell-based devices in the year 2013.

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L. Saaristo January 30, 2012 at 4:58 pm

I would like to see 1 feature on the IP5, that no one has mentioned yet! What about the ability to set your alarm and not be disturbed by phone calls???My wife and I drive a truck and this feature is very important. No, I do not need to buy an alarm clock, we already have enough clutter taking up space. We got used to it on other phones before coming back to the IPhone. I understand this is proprietary, so include it. Yes, 2 other small items! What about call block/reject and call confirm (for those of us accidentally, dialing a number you did not mean to. Be able to turn it off/on)programs built into the proprietary. Cmon Apple, amaze us, let’s really blow the competition away, by including items, that should have already been on the 4S!! PS- what about an email blocker too! Just Sayin’


R u kidding February 23, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Those have been part of the iPhone series for years (if not since day 1). Alarms have always been standard (and there are hundreds of alarm apps that you can dl for free), you can stop calls with airplain mode, and im sure if you look hard enough you can find an app that confirms calls. And what do you mean about e-mail blocker? You dont get e-mails unless you set that up. All it does is forward your inbox to you, so if you have a spam problem, get a different e-mail account. If you just dont want notifications, go into settings and turn them off. You can even set it so that emails are recieved only if you ask for them. And emails are also stopped by airplain mode. How much more do you want? If you want to block #'s, set up your phone to work through google voice. Speaking of google, try searching for these things before you complain about them. Just sayin'.


Platehead February 4, 2012 at 7:58 am

You can all ready set your alarm and not be able to take in phone calls. All you have to do is go into settings and select airplane mode, then you can set your alarm and not receive phone calls or emails or texts from anyone.


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