iPad Reveals Some Likely iPhone 5 Specs

March 9, 2012

When it comes to the iPad, the device tends to follow in the footsteps of its older brother, the iPhone. The iPad usually receives certain features—such as FaceTime—only after they have first debuted on the iPhone. However, it’s different in this case, as the iPad is receiving some things that the current iPhone 4S currently does not have. And in this case, the role may be reversed as the iPhone 5 may actually be the one to follow the new iPad’s example—at least in terms of features, anyway.

iPad Receives 4G LTE

Let’s start with the obvious: 4G LTE. We’ve been discussing the potential of 4G LTE in the iPhone 5 for months now, and even before the announcement this week that the new iPad would be coming with 4G LTE built-in, we still expected the iPhone 5 to be the first 4G LTE iPhone. Now we’re even more sure of it, as, given Apple’s product history, they would not allow their second most popular product (the iPad) to have something big that the most popular product does not have.


We’re actually pretty surprised that Apple is choosing to make the new iPad their first 4G LTE device, as many iPad owners do not opt to buy the carrier supported iPad. Rather, they tend to go for the WiFi-only model. But perhaps Apple wants to see how 4G LTE fares on the iPad before they make the move to use 4G LTE technology in the new iPhone 5.

Better Processor in the New iPad

Again, this is something that has been rumored for months now: that the new iPad—and indeed, the new iPhone 5—would be coming with a better processor. However, most people (including us) expected the new processor to be the A6. So we were a bit puzzled to see that the iPad will be coming with an A5x processor.

Now, an A5x processor may not seem like a big improvement, but it actually is. While Apple is keeping the familiar dual-core processing power of the A5, the A5x comes with a quad-core graphics processor. That means graphics in games and other apps will appear a lot smoother on screen.

While it’s still possible that the iPhone 5 will come with an A6 processor, we now think it’s more likely that we’ll see the iPad’s A5x processor in the iPhone 5.

Improved Battery

With the battery hogging tendency of 4G LTE, it’s easy to see why most expected the new iPad to come with less than adequate battery life. However, this does not seem to be the case, as Apple claims that the iPad will come with 9 hours of battery life. As such, it’s likely that the iPhone 5 will also boast better battery life than the 4S, despite the likely on-board 4G LTE technology.

What Do You Think?

What other new iPad features and specs do you expect (or want) to see in the new iPhone 5? Leave a comment below and let your opinion be heard.

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Curtis March 11, 2012 at 1:42 am

Have the iWork in the iPhone and faster processor.


SDG March 12, 2012 at 2:26 pm

I think they should use a naming system similar to the Mac OS (iPhone{insert animal name). Except they can't use cats…how about bears?monkeys?sharks? Seriously…this is stupid. Who the hell cares what they call it?


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