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Lowi enters the price fight; applying a significant price cut to all its rates


The return to the cole of the operators promised to be tremendously interesting, for the benefit of the users. MsM was the first to announce improvements in its offer , but Amena raised the temperature when it announced that its free extra gigs for summer would stay forever . Fiesta to which Tuenti has also joined, with important improvements in its mobile tariffs and Yoigo with its renewed Combinado Azul .

And obviously, since Vodafone could not stay watching as their rivals improved their rates, with the threat of losing customers that it supposes. The counterattack of the British operator comes through Lowi, which has decided to improve all its tariffs, with important price cuts in mobile and convergent tariffs , placing its offer as one of the best on the market.

The movement of Lowi, more than expected after the Amena, will not consist of increasing the gigas of their rates, which will continue to have the eight-gigs as the top. The second Vodafone brand has chosen to opt for the price reduction , which in some cases reaches up to nine euros.


This is the catalog of Wiko smartphones in 2017 after the news presented in IFA


Parallel to the avalanche of Chinese brands that have entered strongly in the field of smartphones that bet for a good balance between price and specifications , have also been born a multitude of European brands with referents like the Spanish bq or the French Wiko that just presented its new phone without frames and screen with elongated format .

To put into perspective how Wiko organizes its different families of phones within the catalog and easily know the differences between models of the same range, we have compiled the 11 most striking proposals in the catalog of Wiko smartphones highlighting how attractive each model in this 2017 along with all specifications, price and analysis on video.

The most powerful mobiles of Wiko

For its most powerful mid-range, Wiko offers three phones with resolution screen FHD and eight-core processor where Wiko Wim is the largest screen model with its 5.5 inches and the only dual camera while with 5-inch we found the metallic Wiko U feel Prime and Wiko Wim Lite with polycarbonate body.

The remaining three models reduce the screen resolution to HD, highlighting the Wiko View with screen 18: 9 with little frames, Wiko UPress able to take photos up to 52 megapixels and similar Wiko Lite UPress more restrained screen .


What does it mean that the LG V30 has an f / 1.6 aperture on its rear camera


Yesterday LG put the rest to try to conquer the market of high ranges. He did it during the IFA Berlin, although the correct thing would be to say that he did it before its opening, because the fair opens the doors to the public today 1 of September. Climbing to a stage at the Messe Berlin, LG deployed and boasted of everything that their LG V30 is capable of. The first really international V mobile and one of the strongest candidates to be the mobile this year .

In the presentation there was time to talk about all the strengths of the device. From its huge P-OLED screen with hardly any frames, an evolution with technology change over the LG G6 months ago, and also the incorporation of Qualcomm’s latest high-end chip. But much of the protagonism was taken by his double camera and there was a fact that did not go unnoticed: the opening of his main lens.

The biggest opening achieved in the mobile

It was not trivial to give as much hype to seemingly as insignificant data as his main lens had an aperture f / 1.6, a number marks a record right now as the first mobile lens to achieve such a wide aperture . Those closest to it, the f / 1.7 that Samsung starts to mount in its midrange, the same that already uses OnePlus or HTC. E Even Vivo and Oppo.

The aperture of a lens in optics, so it applies the same as traditional cameras to mobile phones, reflects the aperture diameter of the lens itself with respect to the focal length and is also a number inversely proportional to that aperture, because it is written in a fraction. That means that a smaller one reflects a greater aperture. Greater opening, more light.


The advance in the manufacture of some components suggests that the Galaxy S9 will arrive in January


With the still-warm body of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and official confirmation of the filing date of the new Apple phone, the iPhone 8 , we find a new news that involves another flagger as a flagship .

We talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 from which now come siren songs that point to a fairly considerable advance for its filing date. The rumors, which point to the month of January as possible departure date for the new flagship, are based on the manufacture of one of the components of the device to take shape.

Galaxy S9 in January?

As we say, the basis of this latest rumor lies in the hardware elements of the future phone, specifically on the screen. And is that according to the information, Samsung could start receiving the OLED panels for their Samsung Galaxy S9 this same month of November.

We would be talking about two months before what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S8 , and according to calculations, once the screens are ready, they usually spend around two or three months until they are sent to the assembly chain, reason why which rumor marks January as the filing date for the Galaxy S9 instead of March.