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This is what we ask Apple for the new iPhone 8 that we will meet on September 12


Summer ends and with its withdrawal, the last (and most expected) presentations of the year arrive. Just a week ago we met the new flagship of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and now we are about to know the novelties of other manufacturers like Sony, which will be presented at the next edition of the IFA in Berlin.

But in addition, we still have to meet another of the flagships of the market, the new iPhone that will take over the current iPhone 7 to crown itself as a banner company Cupertino and we already know that its official presentation will take place the next 12 of September . Apple’s new phone has already leaked many things , but there are also many others that we would like to tell us about it the day of its presentation.

Screen without frames

This is one of the characteristics of the most talked about, and is that it seems that Apple could add back to a trend of the market as it did in its day with the dual camera. This elimination of frames would almost inevitably remove the physical home button from the front, something that does not affect the way we could use the phone, but it would match the iPhone with its current main rivals .


What if the iPhone 8 was the first mobile with 512GB of history?


If you are a user of a 16GB iPhone you have probably stumbled on more than one occasion with the dreaded notification that “storage of the device almost full” and you had to proceed to erase photos and videos to solve it.

Well, it seems that the memory of the iPhone (especially in the case of the aforementioned) has a new “enemy” on the prowl, and is that according to report from the consultancy Sensor Tower, the size of applications for iPhone (specifically the most downloaded in the United States) has multiplied its size exorbitantly in the last four years.

Facebook and Snapchat, Titanic applications

We already knew that Facebook is among the heaviest applications and the most resources of the phone consume, but the figures provided by Sensor Tower frighten. And is that the social network of Zuckerberg in mobile version has gone from occupying 32 MB of internal storage in May 2013 to multiply its size by twelve , currently reaching 388 MB.