Apple Reportedly Looking at iPhone 5 4G LTE Components

March 21, 2012

Until the iPhone 5 is finally released, we’re probably going to be hearing a lot about the presence of 4G LTE in the device. Here’s yet another 4G LTE-related article to add to a growing stack this week: according to the investment firm Barclays, Apple is currently smack dab in the middle of an extensive testing and evaluation period for 4G LTE components.

It’s a bit surprising that Apple would have to perform evaluation and testing, given the fact that they just released a 4G LTE iPad. However, it’s possible that the technology used for 4G LTE in the iPad is simply not compatible with whatever Apple has planned for the iPhone 5. Or perhaps they’ve just decided that the 4G LTE technology in the iPad is just not up to par.

According to Barclays, Apple is leaning toward using a Qualcomm MDM9615 LTE chip in the iPhone 5. The interesting thing about this chip is that it offers both data and voice connections over 4G LTE. That’s a marked difference from the new iPad’s 4G LTE chip, which only allows data connections over 4G LTE.

iPhone 5

Why is the presence of an iPhone 5 dual 4G LTE chip so important in this case? Essentially, with the chip that Apple appears to be cleaning towards for the iPhone 5, users will be able to talk and browse the web at the same time.  Those who have owned an AT&T iPhone are already familiar with this, but those who are on the Verizon and Sprint CDMA networks with their iPhone have not been able to do this. For those who often talk and look for directions or use other data at the same time, this is a very useful feature to have on the iPhone 5.

The Barclays report also said that Skyworks Solutions, TriQuint Semiconductor, and Avago Technologies are all among the potential chip component suppliers. Of these, Barclays expects Skyworks to emerge as the winner.

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JoeShmoe99 March 22, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Am I missing something here? It's March 22. If Apple is *still* testing various 4G LTE components and still hasn't decided which chip supplier it will use for the i5, how in holy hell can the i5 be released for the Apple WWDC in early June and to the masses a week later as normal? Even if Apple finishes testing today and places an order with Skyworks, it will take Skyworks some time to ramp up production and get the chips to Foxconn so that Foxconn can start putting the i5s together. If the reporting on this article is correct, we may be looking at an October release date for the i5, as previously reported being a possibility. Bummer.


JoeShmoe100 :3 March 23, 2012 at 12:15 am

That would be a huge bummer for me.


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