Apple Gets Sued Over Siri…Again

April 2, 2012

It looks like the lawsuit bug has bitten Apple as of late, as we’re now hearing that Apple is being sued over Siri again. As reported last month, an iPhone 4S owner in New York filed a lawsuit against Apple regarding Apple’s supposed “misrepresentation” of Siri’s features. Now a similar lawsuit is being waged by another disgruntled Siri user–and it just might be a little more costly than the New York man’s lawsuit.

David Jones sued Apple last week over what he called “false and deceptive representations regarding the functionality of the Siri feature.” What’s more, Jones has turned the suit into a class-action lawsuit, meaning other upset iPhone 4S owners have the option to join the lawsuit and receive damages in the event that Apple loses this Siri lawsuit.


According to Jones, Apple falsely advertises Siri in commercials. He claims that Apple makes it seem as if specific things–like creating an appointment or finding a restaurant–can be easily accomplished through the user of Siri. In reality, Jones says, the advertisements aren’t true as these tasks can ‘t always be accomplished through the sole use of Siri.

Jones is also claims that Siri did not always understand what he asked it, or that if it did, there would be a long wait for a response. That, too, goes against what Apple bills Siri as being: an instant response assistant.

So what’s Jones hoping to accomplish from the lawsuit? Well, interestingly enough, it doesn’t appear that he wants a full-refund of the iPhone 4S purchase price. Rather, he’s seeking “relief and damages” for not only himself, but other iPhone 4S owners who feel shorted by Siri.

Does Jones have a chance at winning the lawsuit? It’s doubtful. Apple has never claimed that Siri is perfect and has stated that Siri is in beta–which means that the software is not perfect and is not guaranteed to respond accurately to every inquiry. Still, the threat of possibly repeated lawsuits is most likely enough to get Apple to really work on improving Siri for the iPhone 5.

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Linda April 3, 2012 at 3:57 pm



Curtis April 3, 2012 at 11:26 pm

iPhone Siri is great plus on advertisement on the bottom it says responses speeded up.


Michelle Canever April 4, 2012 at 8:44 am

Hi Curtis,

That's exactly right–and we think it's only going to get faster in terms of response on the iPhone 5.

Thanks for commenting!


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