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Lowi enters the price fight; applying a significant price cut to all its rates


The return to the cole of the operators promised to be tremendously interesting, for the benefit of the users. MsM was the first to announce improvements in its offer , but Amena raised the temperature when it announced that its free extra gigs for summer would stay forever . Fiesta to which Tuenti has also joined, with important improvements in its mobile tariffs and Yoigo with its renewed Combinado Azul .

And obviously, since Vodafone could not stay watching as their rivals improved their rates, with the threat of losing customers that it supposes. The counterattack of the British operator comes through Lowi, which has decided to improve all its tariffs, with important price cuts in mobile and convergent tariffs , placing its offer as one of the best on the market.

The movement of Lowi, more than expected after the Amena, will not consist of increasing the gigas of their rates, which will continue to have the eight-gigs as the top. The second Vodafone brand has chosen to opt for the price reduction , which in some cases reaches up to nine euros.