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Do not panic, WhatsApp is inoperative


It seems that after more than half an hour without connection to the server, WhatsApp begins to recover normal. Let’s hope that finally the connection stabilizes in the whole planet and we do not have cuts again is a long time.
It costs us to value what we have until we lose it. Surely many users think that right now that the mobile messaging application par excellence, WhatsApp, is inoperative.

With more than 1 billion daily users connected to it, it is normal for servers to have hiccups from time to time, but the last drop was not too long ago and today it repeats itself.

At the moment, WhatsApp does not show any messages that indicate that its system is inoperative beyond which the messages that we send will stay permanently with the clock that indicates that they are trying to deliver to its recipients. The app takes several minutes and for now there are no signs of recovery. Just take a look at a Twitter search to see that the crash is occurring in quite a few parts of the planet.

We will be waiting for the service to come back to life, because at the moment there are hundreds of millions of people who could be potentially incommunicado through an application that in many regions is one of the only resources to reduce contact. Let us hope that this fall will not last too long and we will end up in World War III.