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How to divert calls from one mobile to another on iOS and Android


Today we have multiple routes of contact and although they seem almost extinct after the insertion of instant messaging applications, calls are still one of the main communication channels . The call forwarding is one of those options that you think you will never use until the day comes when we have to implement? , we do not know where to start.

Either because we go on vacation and do not want to be bothered, or because we have two numbers and our phone is not Dual SIM, let’s see how we can divert calls from one mobile to another both on Apple phones and those with Android as OS.

How to divert calls on Android

In both operating systems we will manage this option from the settings of the phone itself. In the case of Android phones we will open the application of the phone (the one of the calls) and we will click on the icon of the three points that we will find by default in the upper right corner (in the majority of devices) to access the adjustments of calls.

Within these settings we will find the option of “Call Forwarding” , in which we also have four different diversion options:

  • Always divert
  • Divert when busy
  • Divert when not responding
  • Divert when unavailable

Once we have decided which option most suits our needs, all we have to do is enter the phone number to which we want our calls to be diverted. Of course, this action can be cleared at the moment when we want to stop divert the calls just by following the same steps.