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Nokia 8, first impressions: power and defenses Zeiss brand under a family wrap


Although the expected return of Nokia came earlier this year, it was not until last August 16 when Nokia finally announced its first high-end mobile , the missing piece to complete its discreet but interesting catalog. We talk, of course, of the Nokia 8 .

The Nokia 8 comes with standard features such as the 2K display, the Snapdragon 835 processor or its dual camera, three key pillars to measure yourself with the most competitive handsets . Taking advantage of the framework of the fair IFA of Berlin, HMD has taken to walk its new flagship and we have had occasion to test it during several hours. These are our first impressions of Nokia 8.

‘Classic’ design with great attention to detail

As in many other consumer sectors, fashions rule, and today the fashion in design within the world of mobile phones is to adjust the screen to the edge. At the moment Nokia has not entered this race and the Nokia 8 has quite prominent upper and lower frames , but can not be blamed for having excessive size or weight, in fact feels comfortable and is not complicated to handle with one hand.