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Apple Pay Cash goes to Europe: send money between users through Messages


The world has changed, though not in the way Galadriel told it at the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring. It has changed because technology has opened the way to multitudes of ways to interact around us that have not been explored until now, and one of them is the treatment we give money . To our savings. Mobile payments are the order of the day.

Among all the solutions for this new digital money deal we find operators, banks and of course, the manufacturers themselves. Apple Pay is the proposal of those of Cupertino in this field and Apple Pay Cash is its extended version , a tool to be able to send money between individuals that now it sets out for Europe.

Landing with iOS 11

Following the path of other applications such as Paypal’s Venmo, Apple released a few months ago its new Pay Cash, a tool to send money between individuals with the only requirement to go through their proprietary messaging solution: iMessage or Messages. Hence, any user who does not have an Apple device is automatically excluded from the use of this service.

Now the registration of the Apple Pay Cash brand in Europe has been detected , and is that the filtration comes directly from the European Patent and Trademark Office. Signal that Apple moves the threads to bring the service to the old continent just as the release of iOS 11 is getting closer and, all that is said, also the next iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 .