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The advance in the manufacture of some components suggests that the Galaxy S9 will arrive in January


With the still-warm body of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and official confirmation of the filing date of the new Apple phone, the iPhone 8 , we find a new news that involves another flagger as a flagship .

We talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 from which now come siren songs that point to a fairly considerable advance for its filing date. The rumors, which point to the month of January as possible departure date for the new flagship, are based on the manufacture of one of the components of the device to take shape.

Galaxy S9 in January?

As we say, the basis of this latest rumor lies in the hardware elements of the future phone, specifically on the screen. And is that according to the information, Samsung could start receiving the OLED panels for their Samsung Galaxy S9 this same month of November.

We would be talking about two months before what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S8 , and according to calculations, once the screens are ready, they usually spend around two or three months until they are sent to the assembly chain, reason why which rumor marks January as the filing date for the Galaxy S9 instead of March.